The search for inspiration takes the designer back to the origins, to the subtle sophistication of the Cabotine woman, one with a soul full of happiness and peaceful beauty. This muse captures the light of the Mediterranean, and is the source of inspiration for designer Gema Nicolás. Its color, brightness, the warmth of its water and the joy of its people shape the 2017 Collection of Cabotine. The feminine figure is benefitted and highlighted in siren patterns, strapless and original necklines which leads us to the idyllic Mediterranean waters. Shapes from the past with a contemporary elegant twist, as if it were a breath of fresh air. For the fabric, Gema Nicolás uses textures such as georgette, natural silks, brocade, guipures and delicate Chantilly laces meant for the Mediterranean light and beauty of an always admired Cabotine woman.