Cala by Villais

There’s a beautiful love story behind the bridal dresses by VILLAIS and CALA. Sara Villaverde deÍ scar, native to the Spanish city of Valladolid, was attending Madrid School of Arts in the late 90s and one lesson of fashion design made it clear for her that she had found her life’s calling. In Sara’s words, a bridal gown “is the kind of garment that makes a woman feel special by just wearing it. That woman will always remember and treasure it. When I design, I seek sophistica- tion and elegance at the same time.” From the moment of inspiration to the delivery of the gown, Sara Villaverde’s dresses continue to captivate the hearts of brides all around the world.

This collection contains models knowed under the name Bohemian Style and Beach Wedding and are very light wearing.

This collection is made by an Spanish family company and the design as well the manufacturing is completely done in Spain.