When’s the best time to have your wedding dress fitted?

The first models from the new collection are ready from the start of September every year, with all models ready at the start of October. There is no winter and summer collection for bride and groom. For the suite (cocktail collection) however there are 2 collections per year.

95% of weddings take place inside, so you don’t need warm clothes even if you get married in winter. There are however some lovely accessories and details to give your wedding dresses a winter cachet.

Practical matters

If you’re getting married in July, August, or September, then you need to take the holiday season into account. Your dress needs to be ready for modification at the start of April/May, with your order placed earlier too.

Also consider that your partner will normally only come to choose his suit once you have chosen your dress. The less time you leave, the more pressure he will be under with his planning.

There’s a special procedure for brides who are pregnant or hope to be. Please enquire at your fitting appointment.

See below how you can approach your selection and fitting appointment, and decide what timing is best for you. Between 12 months, 6 to 8 months, or 4 months before the wedding.

"You can choose a wedding dress at any time to suit you. When you do so depends on what type of bride you are."

Type: Plenty of time

It’s 12 months before the wedding

You partner has asked you to marry him, or you’ve decided together, and you want to choose your dress as soon as possible.

When it’s done, it’s done, and you don’t want to deal with the stress of it all happening at a later date.

You’ve seen a style you like in the current collection; it’s your dream dress and you don’t want to miss it.

Type: In good time

It’s around 10 months before the wedding

You like to be well-organised and want everything to run perfectly without any stress.

Type: On Time

It’s 8 months before the wedding

You want everything to be ready on time, but aren’t the type of person who likes to organise everything too far in advance. You also want to give your partner enough time to come and choose a customised suit.

Type: Just in Time

It’s 6 months before the wedding

You’ve only just decided to get married. You haven’t had time to organise things yet. You want to leave it to the last moment to make your choice. Your partner will have to make an appointment for his suit immediately after you have chosen your dress. Everything needs to be planned perfectly now.

You won’t have time for a break when planning later appointments. When your dress arrives, you’ll need to make an appointment for the modification straight away.

Type: Last Minute

It’s 4 months before the wedding

You love a bit of tension. Your partner will have to choose his suit at the same time as you choose your dress. Nothing can go wrong now. You’ll need to synchronise your diary with ours in advance to arrange the appointments.

Your dress will be ready right before the wedding! Please note that it still needs to be possible to make the modifications.

You can choose from some of our collection, but certain collections will no longer be available given the time needed for delivery.

Type: I need it yesterday

It’s 3 months before the wedding

For an added cost, the workshop can still create your dress or suit, depending on the planning and availability of materials. This is no longer possible for the whole collection; these fast orders are only possible for a selection of styles. It will only be ready a few days before the wedding.

It’s best to avoid this if at all possible. You could easily buy all your accessories for the same price as this added cost. If it falls in the holiday season, it’s possible that this service won’t be available at all.